What’s involved in web page hosting?

Those new to the world of making websites might find themselves asking What Is Web page Hosting? Or you have some idea of what hosting is but you’re not too certain of it. Fortunately in my case the question is a relatively easy one to explain, I guess! Web page hosting refers to the service that makes your web pages available to other people in the World Wide Web. Generally many websites are intended to be viewed by anyone on the Internet, at any time thus if you want anyone on the Internet to be in a position to view your website at any time, you will need to make sure your website is running in a computer that is connected to the Internet 24/7.

Getting hosted


A client needs to evaluate the needs of the application to know what kind of hosting is appropriate. Such evaluations include the database server software’s, scripting software’s, and networking operating system. Many hosting providers use Linux-based web hosting that offers a broad range for diverse software. A distinctive configuration for the Linux server is a LAMP platform:  PHP/Perl/Python combinations and LinuxApache MySQL. The web hosting client may also have other services like email for the business domain, databases and also multimedia services. Clients may also opt for Windows platform for web page hosting. The client still can choose from Perl, PHP and Python but may also use ASP .Net or Classic ASP. Web hosting packages often include a Web Content Management System that relieves the end-user the worry about the more technical aspects.

Types of web hosting

There are numerous types of web hosting and here is a sample of them

  • Free web hosting service. It is offered by companies with limited services and mostly supported by advertisements as a source of revenue and often have limited resources compared to paid hosting.
  • Shared Service. Here one’s web page hosting is done on the same server as many other websites ranging from a few to even thousands. Mostly all domains may share a common pool of server resources like RAM and CPU. The services available with this type of service can be basic and not easily changeable in terms of software or updates.
  • Reseller web hosting. This allows clients to be web hosts of their own. Resellers may function for personal domains under any possible combination of these listed types of hosting, depending on who they are associated with as a reseller. Resellers’ accounts might vary tremendously in size they may have a virtual dedicated server to a co-located server. Most resellers give a nearly same service as their provider’s hosting plan but they provide the technical support themselves.
  • Dedicated hosting service. Here the user gets their own Web server and have full control over it however, the user usually does not own the server fully. One type dedicated hosting is Self-Managed or unmanaged which is typically the least costly for dedicated offers. The user must full managerial access to the server which means a client is responsible for the security and also maintenance of his own dedicated server.

Green Web Hosting in the 21st Century

Many people are concerned about the environment today. In a world where the very essential resources are being degraded at a very fast rate, there is a rising concern from both the governmental and non-governmental sectors. In every service that is being offered to the consumer, there has been a major concern on whether it is green or not. Webhosting service provision is not exceptional!

Green web hosting is about using renewable energies in the web hosting processes. This is a good alternative from using the limited fossil fuels. The rare energy sources are conserved to the end that the future generations will find a better environment for them. It is also about putting measures in place to ensure that there are less carbon emissions. It is meant to create the safest environment for everybody; whether the service providers or the web hosting company.

Awareness Is Required In the 21st Century

Green hosting is a very new concept for the majority of web hosting companies. Some are not aware of such an idea, and may continue to deplete the resources because they are ignorant. There is therefore a great need to create awareness through every means possible. The whole message should be preached to the global scenes. The 21st century service provider should be made to see why they need to change the means to the end. This way, the world will change and become habitable for both the existing and future generations.

Benefits of Green Hosting

  • Economical

Renewable energies are considerably cheaper than the non-renewable ones. As such, web hosting companies that go for green web hosting services charge a cheaper rate than in the case of traditional hosting. Still, companies that go for this kind of hosting attract aid from both the governmental and non-governmental organizations. This could further lower the costs of operation, which is very beneficial to the clients.

  • Quality services

Some people think that green hosting does not have the best quality as compared to the traditional hosting. With such ideas in mind, they may be unwilling to shift their focus on the use of renewable energies. However, the quality of services remains the same in green hosting. One will arrive at the same results, yet conserving the environmental resources all the while. Therefore, there is no reason for one to continue holding on to the traditional hosting.

  • Contribution to the green world’s course

It is a good feeling when one is able to contribute in the course of green service provision. When the client knows that they are receiving green hosting, they are likely to remain outsourcing for the same services from the same company for a long time. Still, a web hosting company is able to contribute towards a course that is associated with all the caring persons of the world. It is a type of hosting that makes people fell fulfilled and successful.

Choosing a Green Hosting Company

When choosing a green web hosting company, it is important to consider the company’s certification to provide such services. It is not just any company that has been registered to offer such services. It is also wise to find whether they can offer the same quality of service as other companies in the traditional hosting can offer you.

Companies with the best free web hosting

There are certain criteria for getting noted as the best free web hosting company. Let us see the factors that determine the goodness of a web hosting company are.

  1. Space: - A good web hosting company will offer good space for the client. Apart from giving the space required for the client, a good host will ensure to provide free web space in future as the client expands its business. A good hosting company must always anticipate things in future and plan things according to the future developments and progress.
  2. FTP access: – FTP or in other words File Transfer Protocol is the popular method used by the clients to transfer the web pages and files from their computer to the host company’s computer. Most of the free web hosting companies provides their own online website builder for the clients to design their web pages easily. This is very useful for the beginners and this will add credits for the host company.web25
  3. Speed: - This is extremely important because a web site that is often down will lose a lot of visitors. Slow access to a website will always frustrate the visitors and therefore the host company must always try to maintain a good speed in its proceedings. This factor determines the quality of the host company. Make your site always reliable and free to access.
  4. Bandwidth: - A good website will impose limit on the amount on the traffic on the website of the clients. Always ensure that your client finds it very comfortable with your service. Therefore try to help your client by hostgator coupon limiting the traffic as it may cause great hindrance for the client to proceed with its activities.
  5. Reliability: - A good web hosting service provider must guarantee its uptime. Assure at least 99% of uptime to your clients in order to gain their confidence and trust. You must also promise to refund the money if you fail to satisfy the terms and norms that you have assured. Always ensure that your servers are running all the time.
  6. Technical support: - Its always one of the biggest query put forth by every client company whether the host provides 24/7 working hours of technical service. Things may go wrong with the clients at any of the most inconvenient times. Therefore it is an important responsibility of the host company to provide technical assistance to its clients at any odd time if required. This is very essential in the case of beginners as well as small scale business websites because they lack resources and might only have a basic knowledge in this area.
  7. Control Panel: - A control panel allows the clients to manage different aspects of the web page by the client itself. This a part of the technical chore and the duty of a good web hosting company to provide a control panel that is usually called in different names by different hosts.
  8. Pricing: - Try to charge no fees on your clients for the services that you provide. This will ultimately make you one of the best free  web hosting service provider.

Checklist for Free Web Hosting Sites

free web hostingThere are a plethora of web hosting providers that can be explored today. And when you are a beginner in the world of these endless hosting services then you should always have your very own personalized checklist, with the help of which you will be able to find the best free web hosting sites in no time. For creating a checklist there are few factors that should be accounted by you are here we are going to discover what these factors are.

Let’s Create a Checklist to find ultimate Free Hosting Company

There are 6 essential things that should be there in your hosting checklist which include:

Disk Space: While making your checklist here, you have to determine the size of disk that you are going to need. If you have found a precise value then do mention that on your checklist. For instance, disk space 400GB or disk space unlimited.

Domain Names: A domain name is just like an address to your site. Before actually opening a site you must first decide what your domain name is going to be, and then start working on your site. The name can be dependent upon the type of site that you want to create. If you have a domain name that relates with your site then that particular domain can help in making your site SEO ready. But, one domain name can be opted only by one site, so if your domain name is unavailable then don’t get disappointed and match up something else that works the same.

Bandwidth (Data Transfer): This should be the top priority on your checklist, because with good bandwidth speed your site will load in just a few seconds, but with bad bandwidth speed your site may take upto 5-10 minutes to load completely. And, if your site does not hold optimum amount of bandwidth that this is going to hamper the traffic of your site too.

Programming Languages: The hosting companies are supported by a set of programming languages. And when you are in the heed to mention the best programming language in your checklist then look for those programming languages that are going to compliment your site. For instance, if your site is going to use Linux shared host then PHP programming can be the best on your list but Python may not be as good as PHP for Linux.

E-Commerce Features: Hosting companies are created with a soul idea to make profits from the web servers that they are going to provide you. Now, if you are only going to concentrate on blogging without any e-commerce options then this may not be a part of your checklist. But, those who are looking a perfected all in one hosting company can mention the e-commerce features that they are going to need from their web hosting company.

Control Panel: This is where it all begins. Hence, when you are preparing a checklist to find free web hosting sites, always remember to incorporate user friendly control panel so that you can use your free services easily.

Celebrate Summer With a Hostgator Discount Coupon

Web hosting refers to renting space on the World Wide Web. HostGator is listed in the world’s top 10 web hosting companies. It has more than 8 million hosted domains. Every web hosting plan they provide come with a 45 day cash back guarantee and 99.9% up-time guarantee. They have about 700-750 employees to provide online technical support. This could be in the form of live chat support, live phone calls instead of automated recordings and ticket system. The team is available 24/7 and 365 days in a year. The online support is one reason that sets them apart from their competitors.

Over the years HostGator has made an effort to customize plans based on user’s affordability and requirement. As a result of this, they have introduced hostgator coupon leading to a rich and satisfied customer database. HostGator provides web hosting services to individuals and business in any field. An individual can rely on their web hosting services even if they lack complete knowledge of web hosting.

hostgator coupon

Apart from the 45 day cash back guarantee, customer support and 99.9% up-time guarantee mentioned earlier, there are plans providing different benefits like, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, web hosting tools and templates, video tutorials, an easy to use control panel and single click Word press installation option. Additionally, it is very user friend and cost effective.

HostGator has different plans for varied customer needs. The 3 most important plans are:

  • Hatchling plan- Used for single web site projects. Benefits include are unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Baby plan- Used by first time users for trials or for a mediate professional to host blogs and web sites. Benefits include are unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  • Business plan– Best suited for business requirements and has cheaper hosting plans when compared to the other two. Benefits include are unlimited disk space, bandwidth, toll free number for customer support and a static IP address.

HostGator offers hosting services through discount coupons. As always, HostGator has come up with the summer sale offer. An example of this is the hostgator summer coupon which they are offering as a part of the summer getaway sale. The provider offers discount coupons such as these for customers to get good amount of concessions on domain and web hosting purchases. The provider claims that this offer is the best one of the year so far. HostGator offers a 75% discount on all new hosting services if purchased within a limited period of 4 days.

The hostgator summer coupon is offered with thefollowingdiscount details:

  • 75% discount on all new shared web hosting packages for a duration of 1-6 months
  • 45% discount on other shared web hosting plans
  • 50% discount on VPS packages
  • 45% discount on dedicated server plans

Since the discounts offered are huge it will be beneficial to go for a 1-3 years purchase. Are you still waiting after reading about these amazing offers? Rush to claim your discount and buy a good and reliable hosting server for your website.